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Please Donate & Sponsor the Walk.
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Many people have said that it is not possible for them to do the walk; for that reason Maura O’Hara, Bernie O'Hara, Catherine Munnelly and Bernie Coleman will do the walk for all of you who would like to have done it. It works out at about 21 kilometres in total. We will do it over a few days. We will walk to a Mass rock and Holy wells, where we will pray the prayers live from the Medjugorje Messenger Facebook page.

We will do the walk in memory and in honour of the drops of blood Jesus shed for us. We will also pray in reparation for the sins of the world and for the souls in Purgatory. We will remember the intentions of all who have supported, and will support, this fundraiser, and all those who will sponsor us or pray with us.

Will you please ask your family, neighbours and friends to sponsor us? It doesn’t matter how little they give: it will all help.

Your intentions will be included in Holy Mass in Medjugorje over the Christmas season.

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